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by teacher: Rye Alumni

I look through the mob of people crowding around the game board. I am apparently right defense and Sophia is on my right. I run out to the field, following our goalie. I get into position and watch the other team's cheer, and then they run onto the field. Their offense is small. I can definitely get the ball past them.
As our team steals the ball from their offense, our midfields go up, sprinting to the orange, small thing. WHACK! the ball is smacked toward the goal from inside the half circle around it. the crowd cheers. We scream and run toward our goalie. The biggest part of my screaming is that we won our first game 4-0. There is actually a small part that is just so happy it could die. YAY! I got out of the millions of flies swarming my head. I rip the tape off of my ears that were covering my earrings. I push my goggles into my hair.
"We won! We actually won!" Emily screams.
As I run toward my parents, my cleats crunch on the turf.
As I meet them, I say, "This is definitely a night to go out for pizza."

20 minutes later, we pull into the parking lot, ready for the biggest pizza party with Lauren ever.
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