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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Show Day. I wake up early to go over to the barn. I bring all my gear, but wear comfy jeans and a plain tee shirt. we arrive at the barn just in time to help groom Conrad and treasure. We load them into the trailer and get going. Elle rides with Susan (my instructor), Ellie, Lily, and Macy (other riders.) I go over with mom and Heather (Susan's daughter.)
We arrive at the barn at about 10:00 a.m. It is huge, with rows and rows of gorgeous wlooden stalls and a huge intimidating ring. The outside has many paddocks, and the barn is painted white. I can feel the excitement in the air as we walk Treasure and Conrad into their stalls, and begin to brush. Once we finish, Heather warms up each horse. Now, it's prep time. I am third to go. After putting by riding pants and black sweater on, I sit down in the chair and am ready to be toyed with. Susan gets to work. First, she brushes my hair and puts it in a loose bun. She beggins to shove pins in. After this, she sprays my hair 'till it's like grease and covers it with two nets. My head puuled so tight it feels delicate.
After Elle, Lily, Macy, Ellie, and I are all bunned and netted, Susan starts make-up. I get a lot of mascara, a heap of lip-gloss, and enough blush to make me feel like a different person.
Ellie goes on, and so does Macy. We all eat lunch, then Elle and Lily ride. I finish getting ready, and Susan puts me up on Treasure. My heart is beating as we walk outside and beginto warm up. We only walk for about five minutes before we go in. I faintly hear chimes of "Good Luck," but my heart pounds so loud I barley notics. As the announcers voice comes over the loud speaker, my heart seems to pound out of my chest, my soul lifts in anxiety, and I step oout into the ring.
I never gave much thought to showing. If I did, the wish was purley academic, there wasn't a horse nor trainerwho fit me, and I certainly wasn't even a grain of sand in equestrain competition. Even so, Susan had faith in me, and set me on a gorgeous bay Morgan, TLR Treasure Chest. Over the next few months, I learned the art of dressage, tight double rain and straight back. under no mistake to be made. then Susan entered me in a walk/trot class due to my lack of experience. The thought of riding in front of a judge was frightening, and unfamilure. It seems as if then, the whole world was open. it was my oyster, and I was the pearl. But as time went on, I began to understand the competition of show dressage. I realize only now that the ribbons of show dressage show not only you and your horse, but your tough training and natural ability. The spur on you foot says authority, but the keen eyes of the judge say different. Maybe, they're in charge. When you leave friendly competitions at home and enter the real world you realize that not everyone is a winner, and you have to fight to stay on top.
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