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Dear daddy, October 22nd 2010

So far I have learned a lot in math class. We have done so many different things. I will tell you three thing we did the one I enjoyed the most the least and the middle.

The thing I enjoyed the most would probably be the patterns. We learned how to find the pattern and predict some future term in the pattern. A term is the pattern. The term number is the number of the pattern. I found it very fun and I got it right away.

The thing that was okay is the bar graphs and line graphs. We did a lot with graphs last year, but I still learned a lot of things. I learned how to get information out of them. I learned how to read them too. I also learned how to find out if you should use a line graph or a bar graph.

The thing I least enjoyed was the frequency tables. I found them quite easy. I learned what they were, how to get the information, how to read them, and how to make them. They are a lot like graphs. You have different columns. Lets say you wanted to get the frequency of the number of pets on your street. You would have a column for the type of pets. A column for the tally’s, for the number of pets, then you would have a column for frequency, you count the number of tally’s.

I learned a lot of things this module. I hope I learn a lot more. Even if there is some review I know I will learn a least something new.

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