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Dear Mom and Dad,
We just finished Module 1 in our mathematics textbook. There were a lot of worksheets and problems to solve.
First, we learned how to make frequency tables. Just tally the amount of times something happened in one column, then write the number of tallies in another. To make a frequency graph, just make a sideways bar graph. We also learned how to decide whether to use a bar or line graph. Use a bar graph when you want to put data into categories, and a line graph when showing data over time.
Next, we moved onto probability. CHBE and I worked on a project where we picked Starbursts candy out of a bag, then made a table to show experimental and theoretical probability. Experimental probability is what happened in the experiment. The theoretical probability is what was supposed to happen in the experiment. We also did experiments with spinners and dice to show probability.
After probability, we studied number patterns. Our teacher showed us all kinds of cool number tricks that seemed unreal. We used algebra to show how the tricks worked. We also used algebra to show the relation from term to term number in a table, so we could find the nth figure.
Then, we studied order of operations. Our math teacher played us a funny rap about PEMDAS. P for parentheses, E for exponents, M for multiplication, D for division, A for addition and S for subtraction, you can call it PEMDAS! It was awesome. We did some worksheets. To go with that, we learned how to calculate exponents. At the end of the Module, we had a big test.

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