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Dear Mom and Dad,

This year in math class I have learned some new things. The first thing I learned in module one was how to interpret bar and line graphs, as well as learning how to make frequency tables. A frequency table is just a table where you record your data/ frequency that you find from your research or experiment. I have made data tables before so frequency tables were a review. The way you interpret graphs is pretty simple, all you have to do is look at a graph and extract important information that could help you answer any questions you have about a certain topic. A few things you need to know, you need to know what information is displayed on each axis, a line graph shows a set of data that changes over time, a bar graph shows a set of data recorded on one specific time survey.

In section 2 we covered several topics. We learned how to represent number and shape sequences with graphs and algebraic equations. Here's an example,
Term number
Algebraic equation

This equation tells you to multiply the term number by itself (term # x term #) to get your term. Using o an equation you can predict other terms in the sequence, this is another thing we learned. We also learned about exponents and how to use them. An exponent is used instead of multiplying a number by itself over and over again, here's an example, instead of writing out 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5 you can turn this into an exponent which would be 5 to the eighth power. After learning how to use exponents we were able to find the volume of a cube by multiplying the length of one edge times 3 to get the volume. Volume is the area or space inside of a 3 dimensional object. If you call the length of one edge E the formula in exponential form would be E to the third power.

Next is probability which is what chance you have at getting something. Here's an example , you have a normal 6 sided die, what is the probability (chance) of rolling an even number . The probability would be 3/6 because there are three evens out of a total of six possible outcomes. I did a project on probability with my friend ARJO, our project was called Pizza Party. For Pizza Party we cut out different types of pizza out of colored paper, then we placed the paper pizza in a bag, next we picked the different pieces and recorded how many times we picked each type of pizza, this was our experimental probability. I enjoyed this project and it helped me understand how probability works.

Just recently we went over expressions and representations. The thing we worked on most was the order of operations, the order of operations is a set of steps on how to solve multiple step equations. The way to remember these operations is “PEMDAS” Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. This is the way to evaluate a complicated equation. If the problem looks like this, 40-10x5, you would do 10x5 first and then 40-50 which is -10. You read a problem from left to right, like a book. I also had a more in depth review on graphs and how to use them, I already explained this in the first paragraph.

Most of this module was a review and was fairly easy for me. My favorite part was the order of operations and the algebra, I enjoyed these sections because they were the only part that was a bit of a challenge. I enjoy working out long, complicated problems and these allowed me to be challenged a little. I hope you enjoyed my little letter on what I’ve learned in module 1!

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