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by BRBR teacher: Rye 8th Team
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Dear Mom and Dad,

Let me tell you what I learned in Module 1 this year in math class. There were so many worksheets, homework, and tests. During these months I've learned a lot about probability, patterns, tables, exponents, and Order of Operations. Hopefully you'll find this interesting and helpful.

First I learned bar and line graphs. There are so many graphs I didn't know about! We did a one or two worksheets on that and then we moved to frequency tables. During the rest of the Module we used frequency tables so it was a big “must know” kind of thing. Frequency tables are when you have an object that you want to put in an organizer, preferably a table. You tally how many objects and then in another column you write your frequency. A frequency is how many of the object you have. We did a couple of worksheets on that as well.

Later I learned pattern problems. You would have a worksheet and while solving a problem you would also be unlocking a pattern. Or there would be a number trick. You would have a worksheet and a calculator. While your following the problem on your calculator you will come up with the same number or there would be a trick on it. We also did a couple worksheets on that as well. We took a quiz on that whole chapter.

Then I learned exponents. Exponents are so confusing, or at least were. There would be a number say five and the problem would say five time five time five times three. So instead of writing that all out you would say five to the third power time three. We took a quiz on that and a couple of worksheets then we used it for the rest of the Module as well.

Also I learned probability, my favorite thing to learn. We did a big project with candy and math. I had a partner and it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of worksheets on it and took one or two quizzes on it. That chapter was a lot of fun and learning. After we did the project we did a couple of more worksheets.

Finally I learned Order of Operations. It was a little difficult at first, but I got the hang of it. We took a quiz on that and we had worksheets galore. It was a quick chapter but it felt like a lifetime. I was confused half the time and couldn't understand it. I eventually got it but I still have a little difficulty with it. There were so much that I have learned in the past months and I've had a lot of fun while doing so. Math is a fun subject and I enjoy going to it everyday.

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