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Dear Mom, Yellow

In math class, we have been in a section called module one and have learned many things in these first few months of school. Module one is now over and we will soon be starting module two. In module one, I have learned to make and solve algebra equations, make bar and line graphs and when to use them, probability, and the order of operations!
Thanks to Mrs. Harte's excellent teaching skills, I now know that the probability of you giving me a raise in my allowance is 1/10. The thing about probability is it's the same as fractions! If there is a spinner with four equal areas, the probability that the spinner will land on area one would be ¼, the same as it's fraction. So it has ¼ chance of being spun, and it has a fraction value of ¼! It's so simple!
That's not all though! I now know the definition of the word PEMDAS: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction. This will enable me the godly power of never getting the order of operations mixed up. Look at this problem: 1+4x5-(10-8)=____. Can you guess the answer. It's 19! You would first do whatever is in the parentheses, then you would do exponents, but since there are no exponents, you would skip to multiplication and division. After that, you can finally do addition and subtraction from left to right, and... you're done! 19!
Plus, those bar and line graphs will certainly help me with my job when I'm older! Bar graphs are used for one set of data that stays the same. Line graphs are for a set of data that changes over time. So if I collected data on a plant growing over a week, what graph do I use? LINE GRAPH!
You should thank Mrs. Harte for her awesome teaching!


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