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October 21, 2010

Dear Mom & Dad,

Our class just finished Module one. Here are some of the sections we learned about. We have done a lot in Module one. We started the school year learning about interpreting bar and line graphs. During that section we had a take home quiz where I had to find a graph in the newspaper. While learning about bar graphs we also learned how to make frequency tables that relate to the graph.
In module one we also used variables to solve number tricks, in this section there was some tricky problems. We also learned about predicting the nth term of a number sequence. I found that algebra is a lot easier than it looks.
Our class also learned how to change problems into standard and exponential form. Sometimes exponents turned out to be really big numbers.
We learned to find the experimental and theoretical probability of an event. This section was one of my favorites because we worked on a project where we had a lot of fun while learning. My partner and I did the probability of different colored M&M's out of a bag.
Lastly we learned about the order of operations. During this section we learned a cool song to remember the order of operations. As you can see our class learned a lot in Module one. Now I'm excited to start Module two.

Your Daughter,
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