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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Dear Mom, October 21,2010
In math class there are different modules, so here is what I learned it module 1.
I learned how to make bar and line graphs. And how bar graphs show the data that fall into different categories. And line graphs show the data over time. We did a experiment with that where we did how many and types of pets in the classroom.
I also learned about probability we took dice and rolled them and we found out the experimental and theoretical probability was. We also did a project on that where we either spun a spinner of picked different items out of a baggy.
We also learned how to do order of operations. I learned a trick too on order of operations its called pemdas. If you don’t know the rule for order of operations then you do parenthesis then exponents then multiplication and division then addition and subtraction you do all those thing in order from left to right.
We learned how to do frequency tables with different things like favorite pets. You first put the topics then tally then frequency. We also learned how to format the frequency to a bar graph or line graph.
We learned patterns in shapes and numbers and how to turn them into equation we did many experiments on patterns in shapes and numbers like trying to find out how many will be in the 100th figure and the 30th when there were only 4 examples.

Love, Your Daughter
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