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Dear Mom,

I have learned SO MUCH from Module 1! Module 1 is basically the first part of the textbook. It doesn't take up all of the trimester, only about half. This is what I have learned:

Graphs: This is the first thing that I learned in Module 1. Bar graphs and line graphs. We have worked with both of them, making them, seeing examples, even looking for them in articles.

Tables: A huge part of Module 1 was learning to make frequency tables. We mostly made these throughout the whole module. You get data from a probability experiment and put them on these.

Number tricks: I didn't enjoy this part very much. During this section of the module, we learned ways to start with one number and always end with the same result using blocks or algebra.

Number sequences: This is basically solving patterns. For instance, 2, 4, 6, and so on, we would find out the next number, or term, 8. We would also need to find the rule, in this case, term number plus itself equals the term.

Exponents: In module 1, we learned a little bit about exponents. Not too big ones, but things like two to the fourth power, or sixteen. We learned how to write it in standard form, or a normal number, as well as the exponential form.

Probability: Goodness, this was a big part of Module 1! This was basically learning the probability of certain events and putting it into fractions and frequency tables, like picking a certain color marble out of a bunch. We even created our own instance in a project and recorded the data. We also learned how to find the theoretical probability as well as the experimental probability.

Order of Operations: My favorite part. I just love solving the mathematical signs as well as the parentheses. It's so fun!


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