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by Jessica teacher: Michael Cunliffe
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The Giant Pandas come from the bear family. They are mostly the same size. When the Giant Pandas are born they are so small. Their mum’s and dad’s are 900 times bigger than the babies when they are born.

Giant Pandas spend 14-16 hours a day eating bamboo. Giant Pandas are very shy. They lie down nearly everywhere they go so the can save energy.

Giant Pandas eat bamboo most of the time. They also eat grass, leaves and soft shoots if they have nothing to eat they will sometimes eat bark.

Giant Pandas live in Central China in China. They live in Vietnam, Laos and Burma and they also live in zoos all around the world.

Natural habitat
The Giant Pandas natural habitat is mountains, bushes, bamboo forests and ranges. They also live in flourished Myanmar and North Vietnam.

Giant Pandas have a white face and black rings around their eyes. They have black arms and legs. Their tummy is white. Giant Pandas have black nose. When the Giant Pandas are born they are about 6.2cm and they are pink.

The Giant Pandas predators are humans and leopards.

In winter the Giant Pandas have a warm waterproof coat. When it is hummer they get really hot. When it is snowing the Giant Pandas don’t really care.

The Giant Pandas come from the bear family. The female Giant Panda are 4 feet tall and 82kg in weight. The male Giant Pandas are 5 meet tall and they are 100kg in weight.

How many left
There are about 160-240 in zoos today and in the wild there are about 1600 left.

The Giant Pandas are getting threatened by the poaches cutting down their homes, they are ruining their places and their beds.

Scientific Name: Ailuropoda melandoleaca

Differences between zoos and in the wild.
In the zoos the Giant Pandas have limited space, people watching and less things to climb on. They have more food and have cosy beds

The Giant Pandas are apart of the bear family and most bears from the bear family are endangered.
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