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Well in the world of technology who controls who? Does technology control us, or do we control it? In my opinion, we control technology. Without the human race, things like cell phones and computers wouldn't exist. If we weren't around to make them they simply wouldn't be here. So really we control it, and its development. In some ways technology can be controlling however, to those with no will power. Technology can control you only if you let it. If you can't function without your cell phone, or access to your Facebook account your not running your own life. Sure I like Facebook a lot but do I decline offers to go places and chill with my friends simply because I won't be able to see it for a few days? No! If my phone dies and I don't have my charger, will I freak out? No, because I don't let technology control me. If you let technology control you, you will never experience some of the amazing things out there. So I guess whether or not technology controls us would depend on your ability to just put it away. But I don't let it control me. Live your own life, don't let technology live it for you.
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