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I think that technology controls us. The companies that are making the new technology are telling us that this new gadgets are better and faster than the older gadgets. So people think that they need to go out and buy the new stuff and get rid of the old. We are just listening to what they are telling us. Why would we settle for the old and slow computers, phones, Ipods etc. if we don’t have to? Some people listening to these companies because they need it for there school or work, but others just get it because they can.
Like when the new Droid came out. Some people probably got it because they could and others might have got it because they need it.
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My name is Mackenzie and I'm a freshman at Schenck High School. I enjoy playing sports; I play soccer; which is my favorite and basketball, and this year I'm playing tennis. I like to be with my friends and family, go shopping, four wheeling, and snow sledding. I love to listen to almost any kind of music, Lil Wayne is my favorite singer.

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