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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by BJBA teacher: Rye 8th Team

My first Blog entre My teacher is Mr B, that is what we call Mr. Bissonnette. One of the things that he is teaching is how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. We do journal entries about it and he also has a caterpillar in the chrysalis stage in his classroom. We also do a lot of podcast which are like videos that we make summaries of. We are learning a lot. Some of the things we are learning right now are podcasting and journaling. We learned that today the night and the day are the same exact amount of time. MATH: We are learning the Metric System. This is important because the United States is one of two remaining countries that use the “old system” like pounds etc. to weigh and measure things. I am glad that I am finally learning the metric system. We have a school garden that we were able to pick potatoes and weigh them and learn the metric system in a fun manner. I enjoy Math a lot. GYM: In gym we are playing basketball. We are learning specific techniques such as: dribbling, passing, and shooting. Today we had a scrimmage and our team won. I love basketball and I am going to play basketball after school for the Junior High team. I love gym and always have! LIFE SKILLS: We are learning to sew. We all have to make a stuffed pumpkin out of felt cloth and stuff it with cotton. I am going to give my stuffed pumpkin to my second grade teacher, Mrs. Bean as she was my favorite teacher of all time. I hope she enjoys it. I like to learn about sewing because my mom wants me to teach her how to sew once I am finished learning at school. I hope I can teach her what I know. I enjoy Life skills class as much as gym class! TECH EDUCATION: We are making “autographed ping pod paddles” Mine is an "ice cream cone" pattern. Our teacher uses the saw to cut our individual patterns that we have created and we are responsible for sanding the paddles down and painting them. I greatly enjoy Tech ed because I am a builder/inventor myself. Many of the “tricks and tools” that are taught in Tech ed, I already know because of my dad. Thank you Dad! SPANISH: We are learning about Spain, and have focused on vocabulary and grammar. We must make sure we spell all words correctly or we lose points on the tests. Sometimes this is hard, because I know Spanish well, but not the spelling of the words. The reason for this is because I am Mexican and my Dad’s primary language is Spanish. My “ita” ie: “grandmother” only speaks in Spanish to me, and I understand her, but I don’t understand people with a different Spanish accent. I like to study Spanish with my mom, since she learned Spanish as a third language after English and French in order to marry and understand my Dad! We try and speak Spanish at home also.. I especially enjoy Spanish because it is part of my heritage. MUSIC: We are learning to read music. We also are learning how to keep “timing” using the drums and piano as our musical instruments. I enjoy the drums the most. We also use the drums to learn rhythms and notes. I greatly enjoy music class this year and am learning a lot while having fun. ART: In art we are “stamp making”. Presently we are carving fruits and vegetables from a piece of rubber sheet. I created multiple vegetables and fruits. So far the “squash “ is my favorite “stamp” to make. I like the “art of making stamps.” LANGUAGE ARTS: In Language Arts we are in the process of reading Seed Folks which we just started this week... We have read two chapters and I do like the book, but don’t have enough information to discuss it thoroughly at this time. Every night we also have homework to read at least thirty minutes a night a book of our choice. I am reading Julie’s Wolfpack by: Jean Craighead George. I enjoy Language Arts ,especially reading. SOCIAL STUDIES: We are studying and making maps of present day earth with information about each country’ s climate, longitude and latitude. We use different color pencils to differentiate the climates around the world. I like Social Studies.

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