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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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My First Blog - 6th Grade

I love Science class! We do a lot of journal writing. It was fun going into the woods and writing about our five senses. The baby fawn that Mr. Bissonnette showed us was really cute. It was so small! Going out to the garden to look at all the flowers was interesting, too. We drew a picture of a flower and labeled it. Mr. Bissonnette showed us a monarch butterfly caterpillar that was in an open container with milk weed. About a week later, we saw a greenish colored chrysalis dangling from a plant hanging from the ceiling! We drew a labeled drawing of that, too. For Tech Ed., we are working on ping pong paddles! We’re allowed to make them the shape of anything as long as it is a certain size. I decided to make mine in the shape of a pug’s head. After they are cut into their shape, we will paint them. In Life Skills, we made salsa. It was really good. First, we went out to the garden to pick the tomatoes. Then, we went back into the class room to chop them up. We also added basil, green peppers, and cayenne pepper. Then we had chips and salsa and it was awesome! In Social Studies, we are studying the five themes of geography. One of the themes is Human Environmental Interaction. The rest are exact location, relative location, place, region, and movement. We also are studying then Antarctic Circle, Arctic Circle, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, and the Equator. In Math class, we went out to the garden to dig up potatoes. We dug up 57 potatoes! Then, we took them inside so that we could way them the next day. The next day when we weighed them, the potato that weighed the most was 321 grams. The potato that weighed the least was 4 grams. We also learned how to make a fraction into a decimal. Last, but certainly not least, we got to do ratios with M&M’s. And yes, we got to eat some, too. In Music class, we are learning to read notes. We’ve already learned to read a, b, c, d, e, f, and g. We have also been learning how to play the drums. Mrs. Worth is so awesome. She makes everything really fun even if it is kind of boring. In Gym class, we started with a cooperative games unit. One of the really fun games was two sets of cones set up with hockey sticks on them with a rope hanging in the middle. We had to figure out how to get all of us over both sets of cones without knocking off the hockey sticks or touching the ground in the middle of the sets of cones. To do this, we took off our sneakers and threw them at the rope so that the rope would swing over to us. Then, we sent the heaviest people first and the lightest people last. And, it was a success! In Language Arts class, our first assignment was to make a hand. Each one of the fingers on the hand stood for something different. For instance, one of the fingers stood for things that you love. Another finger stood for things that you were good at doing. We also had to write our name in large print in the palm of the hand. I wrote mine very colorfully. In Spanish class, our first test was on how many Spanish-speaking countries and people there are in the world. Our most recent test was on the Spanish alphabet. In the Spanish alphabet there are a few extra letters like rr, ll, and ch. In Art class, our first project was to choose a Fall fruit or vegetable to draw. I chose a pineapple. We drew it on a piece of linoleum with a pencil. Then, we carved out where the pencil marks were. Next, we will paint over the linoleum and print the image on paper - like a stamp.

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