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by ML teacher: Rich Ruggeri
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What stood out the most was section eight because I’m not sure what to think about virtual experiences changing us. I think that them using virtual spaces for military to treat post traumatic stress disorder is good. Also I like the drone’s idea because it gets our army out of the danger and they do not have to be hundreds of miles away from home. They can go to work and then they can be home a few hours later and people don’t have to worry about our people in danger. I am also thinking about how they are saying that people can’t tell the difference between the real world and virtual worlds. I think that people can see what you can do on a video game and the real world it’s not the same. But what I’m wondering what if there is some people out there that can’t if something they do on a video game is alright to do in the real world. I don’t think that this will happen a lot but it’s still scary to think about it.
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