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by MT teacher: Rich Ruggeri
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I found the video about different relationships the most interesting. It made a good point. The internet is a new and very different way to meet people online, especially during virtual games and chat rooms. I can actually relate to this video because I have met a few people online myself. I can honestly say that I have never fallen in love over the internet before, or even gotten together with anyone in that sort of way. I found that topic to be very weird. I suppose people could get to know each other after a while, but it just seems awkward to me.
I am not against it in any way, I just would prefer to meet my true love elsewhere. It is also a safety issue because you never know what kinds of people you are talking to. Almost everyone can get access to the internet. Overall I enjoyed all of the videos, but this one appeared to stand out more than any of the others because nothing like this had ever occurred to me.
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Hello! My name is Morgan! I'm a freshman and I love to play sports. I love my family and friends and spending time with them! (:

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