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The class very much enjoyed listening to Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. It is a wonderful story of Chrysanthemum the mouse. She absolutely adores her name until she goes to school where some other young mice tease her. The young mice come to respect and like her name by the end of the story. After reading the book we spoke about actions and words that are kind and actions and words that are hurtful. Each girl gave an example of something that was hurtful as we passed an apple around the circle. As you daughter said her example she dropped the apple. We then passed around an apple that we never let drop while giving examples of kind words and actions. We then cut open the apples. We noticed that the kindness apple was crisp. The hurtful apple looked nearly the same on the outside but the inside was bruised and soft. We spoke about how hurtful words leave a bruise inside a person as well. I cut the kindness apple so the "star" would show. We only use kind words in kindergarten so all of our "stars" can shine.

Chrysanthemum Apple Activity
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