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The Cispus LogA new school year has begun for us! Welcome back 8th graders! And welcome 6th graders!

This year I have three 6th grade classes with 82 students and two 8th grade classes with 51 students. We have plenty of bloggers to go around.

Feel free to join us and comment on any blogs you read. I will be adding the 6th grade accounts soon. During the week of Sept 13 I will be going with the entire 6th grade class to Camp Cipus in Randle, WA for four days and three nights so I'll probably setup their accounts after that. Eighth graders will most likely have blogs ready for publishing when I return from Cispus. There is absolutely no cell reception and no wifi there so I won't be able to approve blogs. Sorry.

I'm looking forward to a great year of Science!

Mr. González

One of my cool avatars!

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