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Come stroll with us in the Orchard. We are joyful friends growing and learning together. Here are our thoughts and ideas, dreams and adventures. Stay awhile and enjoy. Please comment. Peace to everyone.

by Tom Sheehan
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It was quite a week in the Orchard.

We welcomed Miss O'Brien on Monday. We had our iMovies to complete but have only managed to get two actually finished. We will finish them next week.

We also began some art work studying Paul Dibble. Paul is a local artist here in Palmerston North who works with bronze. Paul has two prominent works on display in P Nth - one outside the library and one outside Te Manawa. This week we practiced making a clay model in the style of Paul Dibble. On Monday we will create our sculptures then after 24 hours drying we will begin the casting process. We'll post some pictures next week.

We have continued with the money game. Its quite amazing what turns up to be auctioned. I was very surprised when Gugu paid about $300 for 2003 Diary that had not been used. Other prices of note were $251 paid by Callum Mc for a hubcap spinner and 2 Sega games from McDonalds earned Taryn $400 from Heath.
The children record all transactions and pay tax and rent. It is real learning and there's lots of maths happening throughout the day.

Our RE lesson today focussed on healing and the Sacrament Of Penance. Forgiveness of self and others as was modelled by Jesus. Be assertive and compassionate.

Have a great weekend !

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