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Area Nine

Welcome to 'Area 9' class blog. We are a class of 30 super Year 6 students. A few students blogging for the first time and others clear experts in this field. Please feel free to share our experiences and comment on our individual learning journeys.

by Helen Taylor
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Area 5 Korean Students
Here is one of our Korean Students, Da Som enjoying her BBQ meal that she prepared in her food technology class.
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This is my fifth year teaching at Oberthur Primary School. As an 'Independant School' we are keen at Oberthur to facilitate the use of ICT in all aspects of teaching and learning both in school and in that of the wider society. In line with such ideals I hope to be able to lead my students in the individual Mac books, as well as improve my skills and as those of my students in the use of the 'class blog meister', 'web quests' Edmondo and 'Interactive Peer Tutoring'. Locations of visitors to this page

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