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Once upon a time there was a 13 year old girl. Her name was Merleah. She has long blonde hair and brown eyes the colour of chocolate.
One day Merleah saw sign that said Oh La Lane. There she saw a beautiful yellow, well mostly yellow, castle. The door opened. She went inside. But the thing was she did not know that it was haunted. It was so pretty. The floor was made out of sparkly pink glass. The walls were made out of purple sparkly glass. And everything else was made out of glass and every single colour.
“Oh this is just beautiful. This I could die for.”
Then she heard strange voices from upstairs. She went in the room. She saw ghosts.
“Ahhh! Run away!” said Merleah.
“Stop! Would you like some of this?”
“Oh, okay.”
She drank it.
“Why am I off the gr, gr, ground.”
“Tricked you. You’re one of us.”
“I’m a ghost?”
“I am going to … What is that button?”
“Nothing,” said Queen Calissa.
It said Curse Has Lifted.
She pressed it. The ghosts were gone and she was back to normal.
“I will never go there again.”
And she lived happily ever after.

Cassidy by Fatima
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My name is Cassidy. I like cats, dogs, lambs and cows. I have three friends. Their names are Hayley, Olivia, Berber and Rosa.

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