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World Time - Drag your mouse to see the time in other places. In Area 7 we like to give everything a go especially new ideas that might look difficult at first.We are using this blog to publish some of our writing, to post from home and to record some of our learning at school. We love receiving comments. Please, if you wish to comment, leave a URL or e-mail address so we can respond back to you.

by Matthew D teacher: Jane Lowe
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I went to Southlands Hoyts.I saw Toy Storey three.I watched Go. I went to the skatepark. I went to the Pompei Exhibition with Timmy and Lynn. I bounced on the tranpoline for most of the time. I watched my brother play hockey, He lost the game. I went to the zoo with my cousins.
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Hello my name is Matthew. Welcome to my epic blog! I really like sailing and my family owns a a yacht technically its a Spirit 28. I like minecraft and macbooks. I love watching Top Gear BBC. Area7 is the best class ever and area7 has a great teacher I recomend area7 to any one in year 3.:)

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