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Room 04 2011

Kia Ora! Welcome to Room 4. We are a room full of gorgeouly clever 9, 10 and 11 year olds in beautiful New Zealand Aotearoa. We love learning new things and always have lots of questions. The world is our oyster!!

by Hope

teacher: Leanne Stewart

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Today I am going to tell you a true story that happened in 1887 about 20 years ago. Since then I’ve never told anyone this story before. One day I was out walking all by myself and I realised that I was lost, the worst part was when it started to snow really hard. I knew that I couldn’t last one night in the open without food and water, just then I saw a bright and yellow, big and beaming light shining in the air. I made my way towards it and saw a rusty, old house standing on the white, crunchy snow with the light on top of it. In the house I was given food, water and shelter to sleep in.

The man that owned the house was really strange, he told me a story about a mail coach that died that very night but three years earlier. He told me that a mail coach was travelling in a snow storm, all of the horses slipped and the mail coach fell over a dreadful, high cliff, the six men inside the coach had all died. The weather seemed okay so I decided to leave the house and go home. The old tired man said that I will meet the mail coach if I set off right now and pass the cliff onto the crossroads. It will take about one whole hour languishing in the snow but one of the mail coaches would stop and give me a ride to home of course. When I left I was very frightened and I also felt very strange too.

“Oh, No,” I said. I realised that I had lost track of time. I was so relieved that while I was walking I heard a mail coach coming right behind me. It stopped and I asked them if they can drive me home, the both nodded their heads. I climbed in the coach and it was very dark but I could see three men sitting in the coach. I tried to make a conversation with them but no-one would talk to me. Something was very wrong with the coach and the three men inside the coach. It tired to open the door but it was locked.

“Ahhhhhhhahhhhahah.” I heard the sound of screaming coming from somewhere. I felt that I was flying and then I was passed out. I woke up at bed in home. A man told me that I had been found in a snow drift right where the coach crashed three years earlier. No-one and nothing else was found there.

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