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Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

by Jessica teacher: Michael Cunliffe
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I am going to tell you a scary story and yes I know it is true it happened long, long ago 20 years ago it happened 1887. I have never in the whole world told anyone! I was walking along the windy, bumpy footpath and then I became lost it started to get cold and then it suddenly started to snow. I just knew I definitely wouldn’t be able to last the whole night in the cold snowy open I had to get out of there. I was completely languished. I started to go towards the light. It was a beautiful shiny, silver house. I also got to stay there because I had no home. I was so happy they gave me food, drinks and shelter.

The owner of the house was very, very strange. he told me a strange story that had happened on the exact day three years earlier. He started to get quiet scarred and worried. He told me that the mail coach had been travelling in a cold, windy storm, a horse called Paul had slipped by a rocky cliff and the poor mail coach had fall all the way down a big rocky, steep cliff. The other heart men had all died. The weather suddenly went from snowy to sunny so then he started to go off again. The owner of the house told me something. I was listing to him very carefully he told me that if I start going again I will see the coach so I quickly started to head off. He also told me that it will take me at least a whole hour to get to the mail coach but he said that he would stop and give me a ride.

So I started off and the old crusty, crumbly road. I started to get terrified, petrified and horrified and felt really strange. I suddenly lost track of the time then all of a sudden it went dark, black and scary then it hit me. I stopped and heard something I looked behind me it was the mail coach I knew I was going to find him at some stage I knew it two drivers looked at me I said can I have a ride they said yes.

I climbed inside the carriage and although it was dark and cold and windy I could not see anything I could see one thing three men inside the old, tired, sick and dizzy mail coach. I tried to make all of the tired, sick and dizzy men talk but all the three men did was mumble and grumble they would never ever talk. I was carefully looking and thinking as hard as I could and I thought for a moment that the old tired and sick mail coach and the other three men that there was something wrong. I kept wondering I tried to get out of the tall carriage with horses on the front pulling them but I couldn’t. I was trying to open the door but I couldn’t get out.

I heard soft screaming I stopped and the horrifying sound felt like a person hanging on a wire. The next two days later I woke up in my warm snugly I just found out that in a cold snowdrift exactly where the poor coach had died three years ago. There was nothing to be seen in that place ever again.
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