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by Cade teacher: Mark Ahlness

My best article is my dog Scout it got over 300 reads and here's the story.

The story of my dog Scout. When we got Scout we got him in Oak Harbor. Then my dad got me another dog, his name is Pilot. He is just a pup. On Jan. 24, 2010 I and my mom got home from Costco and Scout got out and got hit by a car and died. My family is still crying, we are heartbroken. Pilot is still whining, we tried everything to get him to stop. We gave him Scout's collar, he stopped whining. It was a sad day.

That was my first story, here goes the second story all about turkey escape story, over a 1,000 reads.

Hank Hill is a turkey. That’s me, I’m Hank. I live in a cottage with Goldilocks.

I escaped the Daryl family. They almost ate me. I climbed up the chimney until Saint Nick came. I went to the Santa’s work shop. Also I made friends there. They came with me to my next adventure to the west. I FOUND TURKEY HUNTERS!!!

To be continued…

Tee hee that was funny, let's get back to the story. The third story is all about favorite stuff that I like, you might like it though.

My favorite things

My Favorite things are video games. They’re really cool. People think video games make you smart. They really do.

Watching TV.

Also watching TV. When I get bored then I watch TV. I enjoy it. It's pretty cool.

My favorite book is Tin comics. He’s a pretty cool kid. He helps other people by telling people how stuff goes and he's a pretty nice kid.

Okay that was cool. How I copied that but no more of that stuff here’s how I feel about my blog. I so glad I’d have a blog right now and my class is also glad too. Mr. A said "WOW- you guys are doing such good jobs at this."
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