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Columbus Day Opinion

In the U.S.A. And a couple other countries they celebrate a holiday called Columbus day. Columbus day is a celebration of the European discovery of North and South America. Some people think its a celebration of Spanish and Italian heritage holiday. People have been debating if the holiday should be celebrated or not. In my opinion there are multiple reasons why we should celebrate Columbus day.


My first Reason is its an American heritage holiday. My second reason is people think because Columbus found by mistake its bad but, he discovered one of the leading manufacturers in the world. My third reason is that its a celebration of the of our country. My reasons are heavily supported.


My opinion is based of heavy research. Some bad things happen but that creates a lot of good things. People may disagree but read my essay please. This is one of the few U.S. Holidays so lets just celebrate it. That is why I celebrate Columbus day.

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