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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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The world changed after Columbus found the new world in 1492. 1920 is when Columbus Day was first celebrated. It is on the second Monday on October. People are now starting to question if we should still celebrate Columbus Day. People are wondering if we are celebrating the right thing. In my opinion I don't think that we should celebrate Columbus Day and for several reasons.

When Columbus landed in the new world he didn't respect the natives. The natives gave him gifts and welcomed him to the New World but Columbus didn't show any affection to the natives. When he first saw the natives he thought that they would make good servants. He took some natives as slaves. He made them tell him what they new. He thought that he could take them as slaves and make them do whatever he wanted because he thought he was the first to find the New World. He wasn't even the first to find the New World. The vikings visited the New world and also the natives lived there so they knew about it. Columbus wasn't even the first European to find the new world. He says that if he didn't show them the technology then they would be dead but they have been alive for a long time. They were just fine before he came along. They weren't getting sick before he came along. He bought a disease down there and almost killed all of the natives. He didn't help them he only killed them.

Columbus thinks he helped the natives but he only killed them. He killed more than half the natives. They did not need him to survive because they were alive before he came and now they are dead. In my opinion I think we should not celebrate Columbus Day. He is not worthy a day in my opinion.



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