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Should we celebrate Columbus Day or is it a horrible massacre that we are celebrating? Columbus day is full of controversy. It is in some ways racist and is also celebrating other cultures. Columbus was good and bad. Should we celebrate him or should we not?

Columbus was a not the person we all think. Columbus led the way to a holocaust.
He is responsible for killing millions of the native people that live in the Americas. He brought the plague of western civilization to them and explored the resources that were theirs. It doesn't make it right to steal from someone because they are not using what you stole. All the explorers that he influenced to slaughter the Native Americans and their way of life justified themselves by saying that they were helping. They all said they were bringing technologies to the natives, but can you use technologies if you are dead? They say that the Native would never live a civil life and would be miserable and that they were going to live short lives. Well many of the Natives had short lives, some lived short lives because the Westerners killed them. The westerners spread diseases that killed off the natives at first this was not their fault but later it was done on purpose. Columbus may have not been the great person that we all think. He destroyed the Native Americans and their land.

Columbus day is not something we should celebrate. It is a celebration of the death of the Native people that once lived in the Americas. We are taking a day off to remember a false memory that is masking the true horror of Columbus and the monster the he created. He may have changed the world but is it worth celebrating.
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