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Should the US continue to celebrate Columbus Day? It is a question that is being greatly argued recently. This argument debits whether or not we celibate the man that discovered two new continents and would change the world forever. Some say that Columbus should have never discovered the Americas, but what world would we live in if we did not find the Americas all of Europe would not have found the large amount of wealth later found.


There are some that what Columbus did was not worth it, that north America would have been better with out Columbus's discovery, but think of this, the native Americans had yet to develop the wheel let alone the gun or any kind of armor. Also Columbus reintroduced the horse and provided the cow, pig, and many other animals that had never been seen before that would change the way they live for the good.


Some of the people in America believe that we should not have come here but what good would have that done for the world. Were the conquistadors greedy, yes, but that was not even his fault, he could have chosen what would have happened. In all I think that we should celebrate Columbus day because he found the Americas and changed history and how we thought of the world forever.

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