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Every second Monday in October we celebrate Columbus Day by going to parades and having parties. There is a question whether or not the United States should celebrate Columbus Day as a holiday. The nation is basically split in half between people both for and against the idea of having Columbus Day as a formal holiday. It is obvious that the arrival of European civilization in the new world should be celebrated. The year is 1492, and we all automatically recognize that as the year that Columbus changed the world, with his discovery to the Europeans of North America. With new territories springing up all over the continent, the superpowers of Europe began a frantic land grab to set in stone who would control the major resources of the new world.
If Columbus hadn't sailed to the Americas, or he turned around halfway, there would have been no more exploration in the area of the east. The natives that he came upon when he landed showed little signs of technological or civilized advancements in a period of about 1000 years. Without the knowledge and technology shared by Columbus and his party, they would still be here untouched by advanced society, living an inferior lifestyle, making sacrifices to their pagan gods.
The Americas had huge untapped reserves of natural resources. The natives had failed to exploit them to their full potential. With giant forests containing big thick trees perfect for shipbuilding, large wells of gold and rare metals, and exotic flora and fauna.
Finally, he started colonization of both North and South America. He spread European culture and way of life throughout the primitive natives. Imagine where they'd be without the intervention of the Europeans, still sacrificing and committing to their pagan gods. Permanent settlement started the American way of life, it led to the formation of great new countries, and the beginning of superpowers.
It is my conclusion that Columbus Day SHOULD be celebrated, for without his landing comes no civilized society. Without his landing, there would be no United States of America, Canada or Mexico, Panama, or any countries in the area. There would only still be the natives almost completely unchanged in the last say, 1000 years or so. Again, they showed little accelerations in technology, medicine, and other fields in which the Europeans excelled in a relatively short amount of time compared to the natives of the new continents.

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