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Columbus Day is celebrated all across America. Christopher Columbus revealed the Americas for Europe. It's named after Christopher Columbus, but we also celebrate the fact that he opened the communication between Europe and America. Columbus Day takes place in October, on the second Monday. Schools have the day off and we go to parades. We've celebrated this holiday for hundreds of years. Some people believe that we should not celebrate this day for some of his actions: I disagree.

Columbus was a hero of his day, and is considered one now. He brought from Europe life-changing technology and ideas that would make the Americas change for the better. One reason why we should celebrate his day was the technology he brought. He brought over new types of ships, medicines, and new ways of architecture. The Native Americans were still hunter-gatherers, and most had not developed permanent civilizations in the North. Columbus brought over the idea of using resources to their full. The Natives had failed to use all of their natural resources, so Columbus showed them the way to use them for their benefit. He, in a way, saved their lives with his modern knowledge.

Another reason we should celebrate Columbus day is because he brought European culture to the New World. One of the most important parts of that was the spread of Christianity. He brought to the Americas a whole new religion- one that did not involve human sacrifices. Christianity is the dominant religion compared to the pagan religions of the natives. They still made sacrifices to the gods. Humans would be killed frequently. If he had not come, modern America could very well be using pagan religions. He brought to the Americas a new way of living.

Finally, one of the more recent reasons we should celebrate this day is because, in celebrating Columbus, we celebrate American heritage. Columbus himself was Italian, but sailed for Spain. We celebrate in Columbus' name, but we're really celebrating heritage. If he had not discovered the New World, Europe would not have colonized the new continent, and the countries that exist today would not exist. There are huge numbers of Italian and Spanish citizens in America, so Columbus Day is a day for them to honor their heritage.

Columbus Day is a day worth celebrating. We've been doing it for many years, so why should we stop now? Columbus was responsible for the colonization of our continent. We should continue to honor him because of that. If he had not come, we would still be practicing pagan religions, still be a hunter-gatherer society, and we would be lacking with an advanced society.
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