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The Controversy of Columbus Day

Every year on the second Monday of October Americans celebrate Columbus Day. In 1492 Columbus sallied across the Atlantic ocean with three ships, The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria. He was in search for the East Indies and instead found what is now North America. For a couple of years now there has been a controversy on whether or not The U.S should celebrate Columbus Day. There are several reasons why I think that Americans should not celebrate Christopher Columbus Day.

Some of The reasons I think Americans should not celebrate Christopher Columbus Day are. When Columbus landed in the new world he brought European diseases to the new world. The natives didn't no how to deal with diseases. A lot of the native population were killed from the diseases. My second reason is that he brought new technologies. But not all of the technologies were good. Like the gun, when he introduced the gun to the natives they did not know how to use it and they were using to kill their own people. My third and final reason is that Columbus he brought the religion, Christianity. You may think that bringing Christianity was good but the way he brought it was bad. He forced the native people to be Christians. If they did not choose to be Christian they were murdered or enslaved, the enslaved people were brought back to Europe and to work.

Again, even though its nice to have the day off. Why should we should Americans celebrate a man who was violent and horrible to the Native Americans in the New World? Today would we honor someone like him? I don't think Americans should continue to celebrate Columbus Day.

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