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In 1492 a man named Christopher Columbus sailed from Europe to America. He made history, for better or worse. Should we or shouldn't we celebrate Columbus Day? There is a huge controversy in the United States debating this. Christopher Columbus is our ancestor. Celebrating Columbus is celebrating our own victory. Not celebrating Columbus Day is like not celebrating our heritage. Yes, Columbus had a few faults, but he was a product of his time so we can not blame him. I think that we should celebrate Columbus Day.

Columbus did many great things. Even though Columbus was wrong about finding “Asia” he did find our home today, America. We should celebrate the historical find of our land. Columbus also brought new and advanced technology to the Americas. Most of this technology was good for the Native Americans. Columbus began the European Settlement and brought Christianity to the Americas. Some people think that bringing Christianity was a bad idea. They are also the people who look at Columbus bringing new technology to the Americas as a bad idea. Columbus brought government. He also brought back important stapled crops; crops that provide our basic nutrition. Many people blame Columbus for bringing diseases to the Native Americans. How was a man from Europe in 1492 supposed to know that Native Americans did not have the same immunities as himself? Once again I'll point our that Columbus was a product of his time. He did not have the same knowledge as we do today.

Columbus changed our world for the better. Not celebrating Columbus day is like not celebrating the 4th of July. It is just another political holiday. In my opinion Columbus Day should be celebrated . It's a celebration of our ancestors and the discovery of our home. If it weren't for Columbus you would probably be living in Europe. It's one day due to a man that changed the world.
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