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Should we continue to celebrate Columbus Day?
By: MJBR Green

On the second Monday in October of every year we celebrate a holiday called Columbus Day. Columbus Day is a day where we celebrate Christopher Columbus' journey across the Atlantic Ocean and landing in America. And if you asked most people why we celebrate they would say just that, but really we're celebrating a guy who wasn't supposed to land in America but landed there by accident. Most people believe Columbus landed in the United States, which he didn't. And he definitely wasn't the first.

Actually the first people to land in the United States somewhere around Maine were the Vikings. But there are more reasons why I don't think we should celebrate it. My first reason is the technology he brought. Yes he brought many new technologies like the wheel and horses that would help the native people, but another technology he brought was the gun. Most people don't know that Columbus killed most of the native people, tortured them, and even enslaved them and brought them back to Spain. This act started to influence more people in Europe that they could use more slaves to do their work.

Columbus did start a new age of exploration but there was not a good outcome for the natives. So therefore my Second reason is in this new age he wasted natural resources in new lands and spread more and more diseases to innocent Native Americans. Yes what you may not know is when Columbus and other explorers landed in America they may not have known it but they spread tons of diseases from Europe to the natives. They knocked down tons of trees because they thought if this land is not being cut down then it was being wasted. So therefore they decided to cut down tons of trees in the new world and used them to build ships and other thins back in Spain. Not only did he cut down any trees but he cut down trees in Native American territory and took away all their land.

My third reason is Christopher Columbus brought a new age of war. This new age of war started ever since Christopher Columbus landed in the new world because he started fighting with the natives. And as I said before Columbus also sparked a new age of exploration which influenced other explorers to sail over to the new world. And when the other explorers got over here they started more wars and taking more native people for slaves. This act of explorers and natives fighting for land and resources lasted for a 300 year period. So ever since Columbus discovered the new world there have been many wars taken place between tribes and countries over land and resources.

So now you can see I do not think we should continue to celebrate Columbus Day for those reasons. You might not think so too but I just think we shouldn’t celebrate it. Why should we celebrate someone who wasted natural resources, enslaved the natives, and started a whole 300 year period of war? And he wasn’t even supposed to land there but landed there by accident and he caused a lot of suffering for the natives. Imagine what he might of done to the people of the west indies where he was supposed to land. Well I hope my reasons helped to give you enough background on why we should not continue to celebrate Columbus day.
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