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Should the U.S celebrate Columbus day?


Lauren Dodds

SS Blue 6/7/10



Every year we Americans, Europeans, and Spanish celebrate Columbus day, but why do we celebrate that day? Columbus day is in celebration of an European explorer who sailed to what he thought was Asia but reached what is Cuba where he and his crew found the Native Americans. which they brought back to Europe on there month long voyage. Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover the Americas but he was the only navigator from another continent to find more land, so why are we celebrating what he didn't do. We celebrate this Holiday because of the different opinions between the Americans and Europeans fighting to have this holiday.

By Columbus “discovering” the Americas it led to conquest with the Europeans, which destroyed the Americas culture. What he did bring though was western culture, he also brought Christianity, and new technology for the Native Americans. Though the Native Americans already had advanced cultures and were being dishonored by this explorer. He also found different food supplies that he brought back to Europe Christopher Columbus did help the Native Americans but also destroyed they culture and way of living. He was a famous explorer to the Europeans and Spanish because it helped them with more discoveries of this new world, with more food supplies and other techniques from the Native Americas. The Columbian exchange also led to more cargo and other supplies for the Europeans.

The reasons of Columbus exploring led to more exploration by other navigators. Columbus came to help but mostly hurt the way of life for the Native Americans by making them change the government and way of life. Columbus was one of the many explorers who shaped how we live today, but I think we shouldn't celebrate this holiday. Though most kids in America today see this as another day off of school it also is about describing the beginnings of how our great nation was discovered, and how it came to be today.


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