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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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In the year of 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean in search of Eastern Asia, but found North America instead. The second Monday of October is when a bunch of kids get a long weekend, Banks close, and major sales take place. This day, is also known as Columbus Day. There is no reason to celebrate or honor Columbus Day because Columbus didn't mean to find America, didn't set foot in North America, and disrespected the Native Americans.


Columbus Day is a pointless holiday because Columbus didn't discover America like they say he did. In fact, he didn't even set foot on North America. He was also wrong about almost every aspect of his navigation, except the idea that the earth is round; but that idea was no longer new. Columbus also disrespected the Natives and stole their land, religion and culture. He forced them to join the Christian belief and immediately enslaved them. Columbus and his crew also accidentally brought diseases from Spain with them, killing some of the Natives. He was the cause of the destruction of some of these advanced and strong civilizations, and its just disrespectful to the Natives of our country. That's not worth closing banks or schools. Its not worth anything. Christopher Columbus does not deserve a prize or a big honorable celebration in his name for doing that.


Christoper Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. But he wasn't Trying to find America, he was looking for Eastern Asia. We shouldn't honor someone who accidentally found somewhere, took all the credit, and then disrespected the Native people who were there first. Columbus shouldn't receive an award for doing that. We don't give the other Explorers who found new routes and countries a special day and celebration, so we shouldn't celebrate Columbus Day.


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