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My Columbus Opinion

For many years the topic of the celebration of Columbus day has been a controversy for some. It wasn't Christopher Columbus that changed to world it was his “discovery” that changed the world. Many people think that Columbus was the bad guy, but many people see him as a hero and not as the enemy. We should celebrate it, because we wouldn't be here if Columbus had decided not to explore the Americas. Many people say that we shouldn't have Columbus day, but we should continue to celebrate Columbus Day for many reasons.

The Europeans brought western European culture to the Americas, so if they hadn't, then we could be Chinese or some other culture and we wouldn't be who we are today. The effect of this is that we have our culture that we have now because of them. We also exploited the Americas natural resources, we may have stripped the Americas of them but we have used them to our benefit and that's what they're for. People say it's wrong to celebrate Columbus day since we destroyed the advanced cultures already there, but we won so we should have a right to celebrate. we wouldn't have been able to co-exist with them if we hadn't destroyed them just leading to even more deaths most likely.

So we should celebrate Columbus day, because we are who we are and what we are today because of the exploration of the Americas which is a thing to celebrate, not a thing to fight. People need to realize not everyone will agree, but it is how it is, we celebrate Columbus day because we are here today like we are how we are what we are today, no matter how many Natives we killed and civilizations we destroyed, it made us who we are today and that's reason enough to celebrate Columbus Day.
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