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by teacher: Rye Alumni

Should the U.S. Continue to celebrate Columbus Day?

The United States celebrates Columbus day on the second monday in October and should never stop celebrating this discovery of our new land. Christopher Columbus started the discovery of the Americas of our modern world. I think that we should honor our heritage and hold on to our European culture. Christopher Columbus found our land and brought a new way of life to the land. Christopher Columbus's big discovery would go on to switch our culture to a new world. If it wasn't for his discovery no one else would of came and helped the discovery of every other piece of land. In my opinion we should celecrate Christopher Columbus Day for ever.
First I was saying if It wasn't for Christopher Columbus no one else like Hernando de Soto or Ponce de Leon would of thought there was land west. This was based on everybody else's thought that the world was flat but not for Columbus, he thought the earth was round and smaller than it actually is. And he took his knowledge and found the Americas. Secondly, He brought the culture and new religion that has transformed through our modern age. The people there before him might have had a culture butit was not as complex as what Columbus had showed these natives. With this it brought many new tools that Galileo and Aristotle thought of back in the Western world. These inventions consisted of navigational tools or hunting tools like the gun which brought many hunters going after all the buffalo for meat and fur. For me it is more important that he brought guns than didn't people might dislike this for wars and it not real sometimes you have to face this with violence. Finally, his conquest helped ceal permanent settlemens for North America. What he did was he took over these Inca's and yes Natives might be mad in what Columbus had accomplished but look at the world now the majority of them agree and that is why we all think this conquest was a success. My thought that his voyage brought us to where we are today.
This whole topic people like to take pro's and con's but when I look why we should and shouldn't celebrate this holiday it always seems to be that reason could have been on the pro side of the topic. Columbus showed me he found the land where our country is now. And it is not just me, the majority of our people like his accomplishments that he brought to the Americas including the conquest and new culture showing our european heritage. I want the United States to continue to celebrate this mark in history and it is a day where most people get out of school and work. But that is not just it folks, it was a point in history.
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