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by LHDR teacher: Rye 8th Team

Should the US Continue to Honor Columbus Day

Well, should we celebrate it? Before we go into those details, let's set the scene. The year is 1934, and Columbus Day has become a national holiday. Your first question is probably why. We are suppose to honor Columbus and how he started the urge to explore, and the conquest of the Americas. We are supposed to honor and award a man that started the mass genocide of thousands upon millions of American Indians and South Americans, and also honor a man that never even set foot on American soil. So why do we honor this day to him? I certainty don't think we should, and here's why.

The original idea was brought up by the Knights of Columbus, a large group of Italian and Spanish-Americans that felt that there was no holiday that honored them. They felt that we should have another holiday put on the calender to make them feel good, and also honor their heroic genocidal captain. They don't realize that not only Columbus not discover America (the Vikings did that) but when he landed on the islands around it, he even thought he had landed on India! Columbus was wrong on even more levels than that, but there are more important things to talk about.

Now if Columbus was wrong about everything, didn't discover America, or even explore it, he started the conquest of American Indians, and at the same time destroyed the culture that they were either equal to or better in some areas, then why do we honor him? Why? Because it seems like what the Knights of Columbus did was look for a guy that they felt was important to America that was of their heritage. Benito Mussolini was Italian and affected, or at least tried to affect America, so why don't we celebrate him? He probably affected America more with being an axis general in World War II, but why don't we celebrate a day in his honor. It is because with making a holiday around Columbus, in turn we can make all of the bad things that this guy did go away. And it has worked!

So so far, we are honoring a guy who has committed mass genocide and paved the way for more, he was blatantly wrong on every level of his discoveries, and some militaristic dictators had more of an effect of America than he did, and he stripped the Americas of their resources. What was that? Yes, in conquest, Columbus leaked the info that there was a large amount of gold, trees, corn, disease-free land that could be plundered without having an affect on that area, because they don't live there. This little info worked, and now Europe is taking the Americas' resources right from the American Indians and right to the now greedy Europe, oh and they're enslaving the people now too? Wow, this guy sounds terrible. Why are we honoring him again? Because apparently a holiday was needed for the Italian-Americans and Spanish-Americans that felt that they should have a holiday to honor their heritage, even though all other races don't, and still don't.

We gone over a couple of main points as to why this holiday should be abandoned, and just forgotten. Why should a man be honored for committing crimes that today would be the penalty of death? Why should we honor a man that would be hated today in society, who was wrong about everything, and had no honor to his name at that point either? The reason is to honor “America's heritage”, yet why honor the bane of America's heritage? It makes no sense. Columbus day is a lousy, bogus excuse of a holiday with the sole purpose of honoring some people's heritage, despite the fact that no other race in America gets that privilege. It just doesn't make sense, and the holiday, along with the belief of honoring certain races, and ultimately the disbandment of the race card, and this lousy, bogus holiday.
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