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Should the U.S. Continue to celebrate Columbus Day?( Really, nobody really gives it a second thought on the day.) Celebrating a man's wrong guesses, and who actually never set foot on American soil, and triggered the huge boom of the genocide of the Native Americans?Honestly? No. People say; “but if we stop celebrating, people will forget where they come from (Italians, Spanish, English)!” Well, if they REALLY wanted people to know their heritage, teach it in school then.

First, if it's such a problem that we need to make a holiday for it, then maybe we should push teaching it. And if people are afraid that kids will forget where they come from, then we don't need a holiday off to forget about! Come on! Think about it!Don't get me wrong though, I like getting a day off from school, but I don't agree with the holiday. People sometimes even forget WHY they have a day off. Secondly, really though, if he wasn't the one to “discover” America, then someone else would have anyway, so we really shouldn't blame him, because think about it; everyone in that era was determined to find a different route to Asia , and find the Northwest passage, and everyone was going that way anyway, so it was kind of open for whoever got there first. Finally, I ask you a question (and give an answer); why don't we have a day for the Native Americans? Why? Because Columbus brought on a huge repression of the Native Americans, crushed their religions and forced Christianity on them, and I haven't even started on the Genocide of millions. A lot of the tribes of Native Americans were forced to move up, down, to the side or whichever way they were being pushed. Some were hostile, but they had reason to it. They had no idea who these white people were, nor the white people to the dark people. But When you choose to rape, kill, and enslave their people, something's gotta give.

No, The U.S. Shouldn't celebrate day, and we have enough holidays as is, but we need to add one for something that we can teach in school. And in school or the textbooks they give you the most distorted version of Columbus and his followers, not to really educate, just give the big picture of it all. And most kids or adults do not actually know/care about who or what we are celebrating. So, for most people, it's really just a day off from work or school.
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