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Honor and Bridge by MRDA

Once the world was full of riddles,
fiddles and tiddles,
Nothing was bound,
hound and round,
Life was a ball,
fall and stall,
It would bounce and roll,
bowl and coal,
And never be still,
mill and will,
In a moving world,
swirled and pearled.
In these times,
pines and rinds,
There was a man,
pan and can,
who had on him,
swim and rim,
the only thing he owned,
loaned and moaned,
which was of more worth,
birth and girth,
than of silver and gold,
bold and fold,
yet when people would look,
cook and crook,
they would only see the man and his clothes,
loathes and rows,
For what he carried,
married and parried,
could not be seen,
bean and keen,
except for the way,
sway and pay,
he carried himself,
shelf and elf,
for this thing,
wing and ring,
was his honor,
wander and squander.

Then one day,
ray and say,
a jealous guy,
sky and pie,
took this from the man,
ran and pan,
and threw it over a cliff,
stiff and riff,
the man cried and cried,
spied and wide,
until there was a river,
liver and slither,
that filled the gap,
map and strap,
But the water,
hotter and otter,
was moving much to fast,
past and cast,
to swim across,
moss and toss,
so he realized that he must build a bridge,
midge and lidge,
so he could get over it,
bit and spit,
and claim his honor back,
smack and lack,
and suddenly he saw,
maw and paw,
a great stone path,
wrath and bath,
that lead straight to his prize,
size and lies,
and he crossed over leaping in joy,
boy and hoy,
he took up what was his,
miss and kiss,
and now wanders to this day,
hay and play,
still laughing and happy,
sappy and waffy,
and long since that bridge crumbled,
tumbled and stumbled,
and that river has been diminished,
finished and minished,
But you can still see the place,
grace and space,
where he momentarily lost his honor,
wander and squander,
that is now commonly known,
loan and cone,
as the Grand Canyon.
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