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Discover what's happening in the 7th grade classes at Rye Jr. High (A Middle School) in Rye, NH, US.

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Columbus Day is usually recognized as just a day off from school and work, but it has a lot more meaning to it. Columbus Day is about when Christopher Columbus was searching for a new route to Asia but ended finding the new world. It's when he had settled on the land and had founded new treasures. It's about him finding the new people on the new world. But if you did your research, most of this isn't true at all. To me, Columbus Day shouldn't be celebrated for many different reasons.

For the first fault in his theory, most of what he thought wasn't true. For example, what he thought was Asia, was actually the new world, which is now the Americas. Another fault was that he said he had walked on the new world and explored, which isn't true because the shore line was too rocky to get too with his ships and most of the crew didn't know to swim so they couldn't possibly get to the new world. The last fault that he said was that there was plenty of gold on the new world, which wasn't true because it was either false gold or there wasn't really anything on the new world.

To me, Columbus day is just another false holiday that we celebrate just for a day off, which isn't really necessary. Also, to me, Columbus day will always be just to relax from the days from school or work, like a sick day. If I had a decision to decide whether we celebrate Columbus day or not, I would vote not.
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