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Columbus Day

Should we or should we not


Right now, the US is debating whether we should celebrate Columbus day or not. Of course we should celebrate it if we want to. My family really does not do anything for this holiday except for taking advantage of the no school day and go away for the long weekend. We should celebrate it because we are just celebrating the fact that Columbus ventured to the Caribbean and traded with the natives and started the age of exploration.

Columbus Day should be celebrated for many different ways. He brought over and spread Christianity and lots of Christians would say that was a very good thing because he made them worship a single god and not many gods. He also brought over the horse which for the Native Americans in the great plains is an awesome thing because some living creature that is trainable and fast is good for killing buffalo on. If Columbus had not sailed over, we probably wouldn't have wild horses in the great plains and the southwest. He set sail in 1492 for the Far East of Asia. He was looking for a rout to the exotic spices by going west and not east. He had started the age of exploration and the Colombian exchange. This trade brought over corn and potatoes. Potatoes became a staple crop for the people of Europe.

If you don't want to celebrate it than don't, but we have been celebrating Columbus Day since the 1890's. We can't stop celebrating it now. It is apart of our history and changed the lives of people forever. We celebrate it to remind ourselves of the past history and the stories of explorers. Columbus helped us see the world and it's people. There can be bad things about the finding of the Americas from the Europeans but see it in a good way. He sailed all the way from Spain and sailed for months and risked his life to see the world for the people. Let's keep it that way.

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