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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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The Rye Junior High School made a wonderful garden last year in 2009. We started by measuring the ground and laying out a map to choose where to put it. We ended up digging on the field in the back part of the school to get enough sunlight, and so it wouldn't get trampled by the students at recess. We took days digging and putting in the posts so that the garden could have a fence so that animals wouldn't get to it. In Tech Ed class, we had students measure and cut wood to make the garden beds. The wooden placements were set down in the posted in area by certain measurements.
The lay out of the garden is great because it is nice and open, and it is also unique. The garden beds are well spread so that we can walk by without any problems. Also I think that the location is good because it gets enough sunlight for growth.
Once we set out the location, we marked the ground to know what we were doing. Then the digging and getting dirty begun. On one of the weekends some people and students came to help dig. There were a lot of people there to help, including a lot of teachers to supervise. It took some work to dig, rake, and especially dig holes for the posts, and then put them in. We had a line of diggers on either side of a spray painted line showing us where to dig.
The Tech Ed class worked very hard taking the class time getting wood, measuring and marking it, cutting and double checking to be exact. Our Wood Shop teacher was very kind to help out, and to make it just right for the nice little garden. The experience of working on such a big project like that was very fun.
Now the garden is finished with a fence, crushed stone, garden beds, and art from students. It is very colorful with unique figures and shapes which includes things like part of a bicycle so the plants can climb up it instead of falling down.
Since then, we have been working very hard on the garden and tending to it with the help of our teachers. We also have been testing the soil of the garden and making sure that everything is nice and healthy. There are now new plants and vegetables living in the garden. We have been getting everybody's ideas for what to grow in the garden. Hopefully we could use some of their choices of fruits and vegetables.
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