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by teacher: Rye Alumni

Portsmouth Bridges
The Bridges in Portsmouth are getting old including the Memorial and the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge or known as the middle bridge by the highway on the Piscataqua river bridge. I think they both look fine but all bridges have to come down sometime. I hear that the Memorial has 6% efficiency and it only has 2 to 5 years left. I guess it is getting really rusty in the last ten years. The middle bridge has 12% efficiency and 6 to 7 years left of use. They must replace these bridges if they are going to take them down. I think bridges are a beautiful thing and makes cities on the water light up at all times. I really like this quote, “We build to many walls instead of too many bridges.” I think what this person is saying is that it is better to open than close in life. The support of the bridge needs help and the current here is one of the strongest on the east I have heard and when I go out on a boat it rocks up and down. And the Sarah Mildred Long bridge is known as the middle bridge and that is what it looks like. The bridge is a double decker but only cars go on top and it looks really old and rusty and that bridge I think it needs to get replaced quicker than the Memorial because it looks worse. I think if they are going to take these bridges down they better spend the money and replace.
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