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Every year the U.S.A celebrates a federal holiday called Columbus Day. A federal holiday is a day where most people get o ff from work and many government agencies are closed. I think we should celebrate him because in 1492 when he set sail with his three ships he made a huge impact on history in the New World. So here is the big question in the social studies world should we or should we not celebrate Columbus Day?


People say that he brought everything bad like sickness, witch he did but he did not even know. He actually gave the people of the new world better technology and life like the wheel, armor and the spinning wheel. Also people say all he brought was war and that is why we should not celebrate him. If we do not celebrate him because of war why should we celebrate the 4th of July? These are similar because they where both wars and people got killed and we still celebrate the 4th of July. Last thing he brought was new foods to the Europeans and to the new world he brought foods and also brought trade. The foods that he brought to the Europeans where corn, potatoes and many more staple crops. The fact is we do not celebrate the losers we celebrate the winners and exploring and settling the New World. His voyage helped start European exploration and settlement of the New World.


I hope I convinced you that we should continue celebrating Columbus Day. Not everything he brought to the New World was bad. He brought many good things to the natives and started a new economy with trade from the New World to Europe. His exploration of the New World is the reason that we are here today, and that is why we should celebrate it.





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