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In 1492 Columbus set sail expecting to go around the world but accidentally ended up discovering North America. Ever since the early 20th century we have been honoring that day. Having Columbus Day has been a very controversial topic for many years. Some recognize it, some don't pay attention to it and some just think of it as a day off from school. I believe that Columbus Day should not be celebrated.

My first reason why we should not celebrate this national holiday is because he didn't really set foot on North America, the closest Columbus got to the place was Cuba! Besides he wasn't the first to discover North America so when you think about it we are celebrating a guy (one of the many) who discovered North America. I'm not saying we should call it cultures day, I'm just saying we should think more deeply into the discovery of North America.


My next reason has to do with what Columbus did to the people and the animals of North America. His discovery started the mass spreading of extinction, decease and genocide to animals an people. Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans were killed and enslaved, not to mention how he forced Christianity on them. Some arguers might think that forcing Christianity on these people was a good thing. If you think about it he came to this place which already had developed cultures until he ruined them by enforcing his beliefs.


Definitely, if I were to research everything about Columbus the cons would definitely out weigh the cons. Everything that Columbus did was wrong. He meant to sail around the world but failed and went off course and he came to North America and took, killed and enslaved anything he saw. So I'll leave you to ponder this thought, should we really celebrate a man who killed, enslaved and decimated people already living in north America.


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