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by LRAS teacher: Rye 8th Team

In 1934 Columbus Day became a national holiday, but in recent years there have been huge controversies about this federal holiday. In 1492, Christopher Columbus and his crew arrived in the Americas, becoming the first European to reach what was known as the New World. After Columbus's discovery of the Americas, the Europeans began to expand their territory, and they set up many colonies in the New World. These colonies brought with them the Europeans who shared their knowledge with the natives, and improving the New World. Columbus Day should continue to be celebrated because it symbolizes the important civilization that has created our modern country, changing our world.

Christopher Columbus was the first European explorer to discover the Americas for the Europeans. Although some people claim that Columbus had technically not discovered the Americas, because there were already native people living there. Columbus discovered the new world for the Europeans, teaching them about the vast new world. Columbus was able to teach the Europeans about this undiscovered land, which allowed them to colonize and improve the Americas.

The Europeans who traveled in the New World brought many new things and ideas that were shared with the natives, in return for the Europeans usage of the New World's natural resources, this was called the Colombian Exchange. The Native Americans were actually a highly civilized people, but they lacked in one major area, they had no complex, or even simple, technology. Without this technology the Native Americans were never able to become prosperous with the land of the New World because it was just too difficult of a task for them. When the Europeans came to the Americas they brought their culture, and many new technological advancements with them. The Europeans were equipped with items such as the wheel, and weapons like the gun. These new advancements allowed the Americans to begin to do many tasks easier than before. Without the help of the Europeans and their technology, the Native Americans would probably still be in the primitive state that they were in prior to Columbus's discovery.

During the process of western colonization, the Europeans were able to use more of the natural resources located in the Americas, benefiting many people. The Europeans began logging and using some of the vast amounts of forest that exist in the Americas. The Europeans were able to prosper so much from the land, that they were able to send staple crops, or specific foods that are relied on by many people, back to Europe. The original settlers, those that followed, were able to make the most out of the plentiful land that could be found in America.

When Columbus discovered America for the Europeans he began a new era of ideas and colonization. The Europeans brought new ideas, culture, and technology with them which shaped the Americas for good. After Columbus's discovery of Europe, the Europeans were able to fulfill the New World's potential, something that the Native's had not been able to do. All of these things that Columbus and his fellow Europeans brought with them to the Americas is something that should be celebrated.
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