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by SJCA teacher: Rye 8th Team

Should the US Continue to Celebrate Columbus Day?

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The United States celebrates Columbus Day because Columbus discovered America.  But, he thought he discovered Asia. He really wasn’t the first person to discover America. People shouldn’t celebrate Columbus Day because he wasn’t really nice to the native Americans.   Columbus turned the natives into slaves.  He brought some of them back to Europe so they would be slaves.  Because he traveled by ship, he brought diseases back on his ships. Christopher Columbus was mean.

   If we celebrate Columbus, we should celebrate all of the explorers.  Magellan sailed around the world.  Because of all the explorers, we have spices and different things that we trade.  The explorers found new trade routes.

  I think that Columbus shouldn’t be the only explorer we celebrate.  People get the day off from work because of him, but other explorers did things we should celebrate.

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